I’m Bee. I dabble in all things creative, however my two main hustles are advertising and design.



Brokenhurst College 2013-2015

Film Studies / A

Media / A

English Language / C

Northumbria University 2015-2018

Advertising BA / 2:1


RED PROXIMITY / London/ Current Intern 

Cravens / Newcastle / Creative Placement

Absolute Agency / Newcastle / Creative Placement

I am a hybrid creative and graphic designer, although often take more of an art director role within projects and teams.

I like to consider myself a highly motivated, creative individual who likes to find unique and exciting ways to convey messages and start conversations, whether that be through my art about causes I’m passionate about or through advertising, between clients and consumers.

I am currently interning at Red Proximity as a creative intern; concepting ideas, developing campaigns and designing and creating the visuals required to carry across messaging.

Feel free to drop an email and say hi!